Nibble Hosting Launched

We just launched our new web hosting service to the public (a-couple weeks ago), and we're learning how difficult it is to break into the business. Google Adwords are expensive and people interested in the service, those that click on the ad, seem to be spooked, at best. I assume it's because we're a new company and we haven't spent hundreds of thousands on advertisement similar to larger companies. What can we do?

The doing...

We've tried Adwords, different keywords - expensive non-expensive, we even tried to do an ad-campaign letting the world know that we are offering free hosting for a limited time, still no bites. It was possibly due to the fact that we still wanted credit card information even though we declared that it was for identification purposes and the card would never hit our servers or be charged. Now we're trying the blog thing. A complete website re-design with a shiny new blog. We'll try and concentrate on posts that relate to our services and the frustrating things we see about the web hosting industry. We'll see where this takes us.

As of this writing, Google Adwords costs almost $14.00/click for 'WordPress Hosting' keywords

About Nibble Hosting

We started this business to meet the needs of our current client base which are clients that manage large amount of websites for their clients. I hear customer service is terrible, or other companies web hosting services are expensive, or they lack features, so we (Josh Ideas) decided to build our own hosting platform. We used Drupal as the front-end and Plesk as the back-end. We completely developed an automated system to accept credit cards, charge monthly on the web hosting services we offer, make API calls to Plesk (web control panel), set special offers and pricing on different services and a complete front end website that looks professional and is easy to read.

Our target services

  1. Free SSL Certificates for all hosting packages
  2. Re-seller packages, 25 or 50 websites for $25.00 or $45.00
  3. Free backups
  4. WordPress tools to manage all your WordPress installations
  5. Excellent customer service (we hope)
  6. No more old school hard drive doodad technology only SSD tech or better!

Links to our services, we're offering a limited time promotion for free hosting for the first 50 customers. Try us out, hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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