JI QuickBooks Module

Drupal QuickBooks Integration module for your QuickBooks Online account. Works with Ubercart and Commerce. A Drupal 8 version is stable and about to be released as a release candidate!
Major features are
  • Works with Ubercart and Commerce modules
  • Sending customer, order, tax, and payment transactions after a successful checkout
  • If you're using the Commerce Stripe module, you can now refund within Commerce which voids the invoice and payment within QuickBooks
  • Making installation super easy and pain free using what's already available to us by adapting JI QuickBooks to either the Ubercart or Commerce interface
  • A reports screen is available to show which orders failed to sync but will be reattempted during the next configured cron run
  • Now uses OpenID to communicate with QuickBooks. This makes connecting your Drupal instance to QuickBooks Online a snap
  • Using the latest and greatest QuickBooks API (version: 3 2.6.0)
    • Make sure and download the latest one. Please read the requirements section below


  • A QuickBooks Online account located here
  • Download QuickBooks SDK from Josh Ideas
    • NOTE: It's not recommended to download the QuickBooks SDK directly from Intuit since we've added fixes and new features
  • A web server with the PHP OAuth extension installed (NOTE: Not the Drupal OAuth module)
    • Ask us about hosting plans that are Drupal + QuickBooks ready
  • Ubercart or Commerce