Drupal 7 Programmatically Creating a Rule with a Custom Action

Commerce module uses Rules module extensively. Unlike Ubercart where you can just call a hook and receive $account information of the final process once an anonymous user is converted to a Drupal authenticated user, once checkout is complete.  With Commerce we have to use Rules to create a custom rule with an action that ultimately executes a callback....Yes, I know.... Here's the example of what we did. Look at the code comments for a better hint of what is going on.  

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How to use Drupal 7 Pathauto module to automatically create smarter URLs

Why is this useful? Better site navigation for your users Better site organization through breadcrumbs that actually work right! You can use one content type and organize it into sub-categories SEO   Modules needed Token

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Drupal 7: Need to Create Form Fields Dynamically?

We did, when working on the JI QuickBooks module, see the code below to see how we did it.

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